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Bhivpuri also has a railway station of its own named Bhivpuri Road railway station. From here, one is closest to the waterfall. From Bhivpuri Road one can easily walk to the waterfall as opposed to getting off at Karjat from where travellers will have to trek around 2 km to reach the waterfall.

From Bhivpuri Road railway station the walk to the waterfall takes around 20 minutes where travellers have to walk out on the eastern side, walk along the main road and pass through the village which has the same name. After crossing the village, the view is simply blissful with lush greenery and small streams of water flowing at various places along the flat plateau.

Many travellers prefer to take the train to Karjat only because of the famous Karjat vada pav which is sold all over the railway station platforms. Most people prefer to have their brunch at Karjat and then move on to the waterfall in Bhivpuri. The best way of getting to Bhivpuri from Karjat is by hiring an auto rickshaw to the village. The journey takes around 20 minutes. The rickshaws drop travellers at the entrance of Bhivpuri village from where the walk to the waterfall is the only option.

Around half way to the waterfall, there are a few food and cold-drink stalls. The food stalls sell corn, chips and other snacks. There is also a small entry fee that the villagers collect and the proceeds of the same are used for the upkeep of the waterfall and the surrounding areas. A few stalls also sell alcohol and beer at a high cost. One will also surely be bumped into by random villager offering to bring lunch to the waterfall on advance booking. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, which mostly includes biryani or the local village thali.

The waterfall is around 20 feet high and is active only during the monsoon from June to mid-September. July and August are the best months to visit the waterfall, since the water drops down with all its might. Bhivpuri waterfall is generally bustling with people over the weekends with people of all ages coming to spend a day, chilling in the water.

Waterfall rappelling is also conducted during the monsoon and this adventure activity attracts a lot of adventure junkies from Mumbai. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to avoid venturing too deep into the hole created by the waterfall as there have been cases of people drowning, here.

Bhivpuri waterfall is an ideal place to visit during the monsoon for all those who desire to spend a day with nature and do not wish to travel too far from Mumbai.

The hike is organised by the and will cost Rs 350/- which includes light snacks. The trip will be confirmed only after full payment and the confirmation will be a e-mail from our official account. Each hike will have a minimum of 6 hikers and a maximum of 20. There will be no refund and the payment has to be done at-least four days prior to the hike